So, how do you market a Kickstarter project?

Since I’ve started taking my photography a bit more seriously (almost business like shall we say) I’ve had some successes, some doors which have opened. I’ve had a free write up in a local newspaper which came about from conversations with the editor and then from that article came a request to show my photos in an exhibit at the local RSL (Returned and Services League) on ANZAC Day (for those outside Australia who don’t know what this is: ANZAC Day is the day Australia remembers its fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen and the RSL is the organisation who supports Australia’s those still alive, retired and currently serving). For me, this is a huge opportunity.

I’ve also had a lot of support from the Townsville Intercultural Centre for my new project: a photoessay on people with an asylum seeker, refugee or migrant background who have settled in Townsville. I met with the staff at the centre earlier this week and today I went back for a meeting with members of the local communities and I was given the opportunity to speak to them about the project. So things have been going pretty well on those fronts. So what is going on with my Kickstarter?

I’ve started a Kickstarter to help fund the above project (link below) and maybe I’m being a bit impatient but so far I haven’t had any results. Have any of you had success with Kickstarter? Perhaps more importantly; do you have any tips for someone just starting a project? If you have any ideas, any tips, any anecdotes or experience please let me know via comment below. If you like the look of the project or you like my photos and would like to support me please pledge on the Kickstarter.

Thank you very much.


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