Setting up for a market

So I’ll be selling my photos in person in a local market in Townsville in a little under two weeks. If you find yourself in this boat or you’re planning to sell your photos or other product in a market here are just a few things to consider. Before we get into the important stuff here are a couple of the photos I’ll be featuring.

Apologies for the aggressive watermark on this one.

How much of your product do you try to sell?
When considering how much stock to prepare for the market day, I’ve been trying to balance and anticipate (hopefully should have a better idea after the first market) demand and initial outlay and investment as well as the physical space available at your stall.

How do you present your product?
There are a lot of resources out there for presenting your stall. Basically, I’m working on using as much of my space available to present my stock. This includes multiple levels on my table so that the display isn’t just two-dimensional. I’m also going to have a laptop setup to show off other photos that I haven’t printed. Also make sure you have a contacts sheet so that you can contact potential customers. Due to having an outdoor space I am also going to use the marquee to hang photo frames in a larger size to draw customers’ eyes. I haven’t organised it for this market but I’ve seen stalls where they’ve used easels and also lightweight bookshelves to display photos.

What formats/media do you provide your product in?
For me this wasn’t too difficult a question—at least for my first market—I’m keeping it simple and going with matte paper framed and unframed. If I get demand for photos printed on other products such as canvas, glass or metal etc, I’m going to take orders and also take note for the next market. For those making craft products this is also an easy question to answer but you might want to think about the packaging which you provide to the customer on a purchase. I’m planning on wrapping my unframed prints in clear plastic so that people will be able to see the product as the customer is walking through the market after their purchase.

public liability
Your market will probably make sure that you already have public liability insurance, as I found out—most markets these days require that their sellers have public liability insurance ($10m cover is standard in Australia). Just in case they haven’t told you already, make sure you ask. If you’re in Australia, the best price that I’ve found (and went with) was AAMI, 12 months, $10m cover for $195:

Thanks for reading, please check out my Kickstarter: a photo project on asylum seekers and refugees and consider backing/sharing:


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