My experiment with urban exploration

I’ve eyed off this bridge over the Ross River quite a few times as I’ve driven past it at night, thinking that it would make some great photos. I had some time the other night, so I thought I’d finally get out and get some shots of it. The photos I ended up taking weren’t quite what I had envisioned (they would have required me getting into the water and even though it was still a balmy 27 degrees celsius, I’m not sure if I trust that river). I only got a few shots but it was good to get out there as I haven’t taken photos in some time.

In the second photo below, I managed to catch the trailing brake light of a car as it passed over the bridge. The brake light trail was over exposed in colour but I might have a play with it and post later.

I went for a bit of a different feel for the photo below, but in sharpening it has become a bit too grainy, so I may have to try again with that one.

I’ve been considering posting some tutorials so please contact me or comment if you would be interested in learning a bit about how I took these and my workflows.


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