Coming to America: West Coast Edition

Before I begin, apologies for misleading any hip-hop fans, this is not a hip hop story and I don’t believe that any one American coast is better than the other. I will be travelling to the West Coast, I will be doing a lot of shooting (the photography kind) on my first trip to the states and I won’t be visiting LA, I attribute this mostly to Fred and Carrie’s influence however. Them, and Voodoo Doughnuts Maple Bacon bars (among other things). The plan as it currently stands:

San Francisco

San Francisco

  • Fly into San Francisco (we’re also flying out of SF, mostly a price thing)
  • 3 nights in San Francisco: exploring the bay area, checking out the Golden Gate Bridge, thanks to @belindashi of for some some suggestions
  • Drive to Eureka-one night there (not really sure what to get up to in Eureka)
  • Drive to Portland-three nights there (we’ll take a lot of our cues from Portlandia here, looking forward to amazing food and street photography)
  • Drive to Seattle (again not really sure what to do here so if you’ve got any suggestions let me know)
  • Drive to Vancouver: going on an Orca cruise, renting a long lens so hopefully we see some whales

Then back South again, this time via the Yosemite National Park.

  • Drive to Portland-catch Wye Oak in concert
  • Drive to Crater Lake
  • Drive to Yosemite valley: check out the amazing scenery
  • Return to SF and fly back to Australia
Yosemite Valley, landscape photography, california landscapes

Yosemite Valley via Belinda Shi

Working out the driving it will be 17 hours total, this may seem like a lot to some people but…remember we’re from Australia and Townsville is roughly that distance from our nearest state capital and people do that in one go, so we should be fine. Do any of you have anymore suggestions on top of the activities we have planned? Are there any places you would recommend for photography? Food?
Thanks to Belinda Shi and Chase Dekker for their help and suggestions.


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