Cowley Beach Adventures Part VI: The Eight Legged Tree Dwellers (spiders if you haven’t guessed)

I was wandering about looking for wildlife when I stumbled on some of these Nephila Pilipes, I was pretty happy with my find and got a few photos as I walked and followed the treeline. As I was bending down to get another photo, I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and saw a huge spider a bit higher up. Doing my research later, I realised that all of these spiders are the same species however the smaller ones are younger Nephila Pilipes which can grow to the size of the larger one (just for scale, the larger spider’s body is about 4 cm long)

I do apologise for these Nephila Pilipes, although I actually like spiders, I will admit they’re pretty nasty looking. Below are some more spiders which are hopefully a bit more pleasant looking.

I was really drawn to the colours of this Striped Orb Weaver but unfortunately or perhaps courteously she had made her home about 3m high in the tree and I couldn’t get any closer.

This Cyrtophora Mollucensis had an amazing web structure, it reminded simultaneously of a 3D mathematical model and of a multi peaked circus tent, clearly why this species is known as the tent building spider. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to really that sense of the web but hopefully you can gather it here.

To those who aren’t spider fans, thanks for reading, and to everyone else I hope you’ve enjoyed.

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