San Francisco: Part II

We made our way to the Golden Gate Promenade, to our surprise the weather was foggy and didn’t afford the best views of the bridge. If you’re fortunate enough to get a view of the bridge in the small window between the morning fog and the afternoon fog, well done.  We continued on our way to the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, not overly impressed by the Roman architecture but I would like to know what the statues were looking down on. If you’ve been there you’ll know what I mean but for everyone else the statues topping the walls all look down into a central column. One might assume that is where the naked statues are hiding for modesty’s sake.

At my wife’s request we visited a couple of Andy Goldsworthy’s installation art pieces in Presidio Park. My wife studied Andy Goldsworthy at school, he is a British artist who specialises in environmental installation art using natural materials. His pieces in San Francisco include the Spire and the Woodline. I was quite impressed by my wife’s description of the woodline; ‘a wave made of logs’, but the reality didn’t quite live up to the anticipation, instead of a cresting wave constructed of logs it looked like an oversized path boundary. The Spire was more impressive, I could easily imagine a civilization of miniature sentient beings taking up residence in it. Bordering the park were some amazing examples of San Francisco’s architecture, as far as I could work out (from a quick google search) these were most likely built from the 1870s to 1890s.

While we were in the neighbourhood, my wife indulged me and we briefly stopped in at Lucasfilm, got a couple of selfies with Darth Vader and Boba Fett in the foyer and sat at Yoda’s feet (got a quick photo of the Yoda fountain). I imagine that this is where the animators come when they are out of inspiration or need lessons in lifting heavy stuff.  The best thing about Lucasfilm by far was a cute little toddler who was visiting her dad, she knew more about Star Wars than my wife did…but she couldn’t pronounce Chewbacca (the cuteness more than made up for it though).

After some of the less prominent spots, it must now be time to turn to the tourist destinations of San Francisco. So we headed over to Ghirardelli’s nice chocolate, enjoyed a milkshake, not much more to say on their chocolate. The Embarcadero was next, the place was packed. Given our earlier tour and our newly minted local knowledge of San Francisco, we actually had to stop ourselves from judging all of the tourists. My advice, avoid it and go straight to the Ferry Building Market. We could have spent a lot of money on food there, too easily, but we were restrained and once again had some excellent coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee Company.

We headed to Lush located near Union Square, you can always tell where a Lush is by the smell, usually from about a block away. We have literally jumped off a tram (trolleycar) in Melbourne because we smelled one. If you’ve never been you need to, and I’m saying that as a man. On our way into the city, I also indulged a particular passion of mine in photography, street photography. For those of you who have tried this, there is definitely something easier about street photography when you’re on holidays. Below is one of my favourite photos from the trip. I hope you appreciate it as much I do.

We finished our last evening in San Francisco with our Airbnb hosts, John and Alexis. John is a professional chef and he made us dinner which was amazing. He is also a pretty keen photographer so we did a final whirlwind tour of some photo spots of the city. Again we struggled with San Francisco’s fog but we did get to see American Bison at the Golden Gate Park. They were awesome.

Watch this spot…next post is Portland which I can say was probably our favourite city.

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